How can you get involved?

Every local Fusion has a volunteer team made up of members of the church, which runs the Fusion. However, there are many opportunities to serve alongside Fusion on a short or long-term basis:


Summer Internship 

Josiah Venture (the organisation through which Fusion operates) has a long history of offering Summer Internships. Every summer over 100 students from USA, UK and Central/Eastern Europe spend 3 months serving alongside local churches helping to run English, Sports and Fusion camps.
For more information about this opportunity, click here.

Church mission teams


Every summer we help US and UK churches send missions teams to serve alongside churches in Central and Eastern Europe to help them run Fusion “Rock Camps”. Your team would help teach local unchurched youth various musical instruments and creative arts skills, working together to create an “end of camp concert” for parents and friends. You might also be involved in other parts of the camp program, including afternoon games, worship, evening program and discussion groups.


While music is a tool, the main focus of the camps is sharing the Gospel and building relationships with the teens, most of whom typically go on to join the local church’s year-round Fusion project. 




Other opportunities

During the year people with certain music production or performing arts skills have the opportunity to serve alongside local and national fusion teams. Please contact us if you would like to know more about this possibility.